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#51 Grandidier's Mongoose


Carnivore Week

These have a very limited and rather inhospitable range in Madagascar. They are losing habitat as well as losing quality of habitat. They are also prey to non-native dogs and other predators. They are nocturnal, all of them have 8 stripes, and have longer legs than most mongooses do. Yes, it is mongooses rather than mongeese. Language is weird.

Well, the eye doctor wasn't fantastic news, but nothing catastrophic and immediate. I'm trying to remember what all it is she said. I have an extra thick cornea, which is better than an extra thin one, so while abnormal, it isn't too concerning. My eye pressure was back down to a better level which was great. My right optic nerve is extra bulgy, the left is tipped or something like that. There is calcification or something like that on the right one. She seemed concerned that I am at risk of a detached retina because the vitreous area is detaching and can take the retina with it. I can't remember what else she said. I have to go back in 6 months because she wants to keep track of things and wants me to have a visual field test. She is wanting to see if I have sort of blind spots that I don't realize I have which would be caused by the calcification. Anyway, I painted today's painting pretty much in the dark with my eyes dilated. I'm actually typing with my eyes closed at the moment, hooray for having had typing class in high school. I have had my eyes stay dilated for 3-4 days, but now that I tell them to use the weakest solution possible, it usually only lasts a day. I may hate this painting in the morning when I see it, but hopefully it is ok.

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