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#13 Gerp's Mouse Lemur

Critically Endangered

Mouse lemurs are the smallest primate. As with all lemurs, they are found in Madagascar. The Gerp's is one of the biggest mouse lemurs, but only 7 that are full grown have been measured officially. They were only discovered in 2012. In fact, they have not been well studied enough to even know what their diet is with any certainty. It is assumed they are omnivores based on mouse lemurs in a completely different area of Madagascar, but really no one knows. They only weigh about 68 grams (2.4 ounces).

I have decided to do a series within a series occasionally. This starts a week of painting a lemur every day. Usually I paint random animals with no real reason as to why I chose them. I love lemurs, so why not focus on them for a while.

When I was pregnant with my second son, we asked my oldest what he thought we should name his baby brother. He suggested a character from one of his favourite shows. We did not take him up on his idea, my youngest is not called Zoboomafoo.

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