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#16 Blue-eyed Black Lemur

Critically Endangered

I'm doing 2 because these are so very different from male to female in fact the most sexually dichromatic of all lemurs. The males are a striking black and the females are a nice range of reddish brown. Though they have blue eye in their name, some of them don't have the blue and their eyes are a pale greenish.

Blue eyes is a rare trait in primates (other than humans), so I wanted to get that in the pictures. These weigh about 5 pounds and can live for around 20 years. There is not a lot known about their behaviour in the wild, and they are rare in captivity. This kind of lemur is very social, but not with other kinds of lemurs. They can be pretty aggressive so aren't really safe to be housed with other types of lemurs

My sister's dog has insane light blue eyes like these lemurs can have. Combine the blue eyes with the goofy looks he likes to make can have him seeming like a total lunatic. He's really quite sweet and loves my kids. He is the only dog I've ever met who didn't absolutely adore me. He seems conflicted, it isn't that he doesn't like me, but it is almost as if he feels he is cheating on my sister. He will refuse to look at me or acknowledge me if she is around. If she's not there, he's quite happy to be with me and shows he loves me. If she was standing right near him I never would have been able to get this photo. He is a nut, and a very good boy.

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