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#161 Giant Pangasius

Critically Endangered

There doesn't seem to be much known about these, but more than some of the animals I've painted for sure. The biggest they get is almost 10 feet long, but I guess the more common length is closer to 6 feet. They are a fast growing fish. I'm not sure if the common length is because they are always getting caught before they can get to the larger size. Overfishing is a huge problem for them. It could be that they just never get a chance to get to their longer length, but it could also be that even if they weren't killed young they would almost never get to 10 feet still. They are protected and there is some attempt at captive breeding. Hopefully it will help the species recover because currently they are still decreasing.

I'm happy, first day of the advent calendar was a hit. My oldest loves trains and is hoping to make a model of the train in Jacksonville Oregon. He is drawing it out in a 3D program and plans to make it out of metal mostly I think. His first advent calendar thing was a little file that will work well in tight spaces and corners of models. Now that I'm done with this painting, I'm going to make stockings. We have an R2D2 and a Chewbacca one for the kids, and really boring just red and green ones for my husband and me. I feel like I want to have pretty, matching stockings for everyone this year. Ok, pretty meaning some sparkles. I got a black sparkly fabric for the majority of the stocking, and a pretty fake fur for the top. We'll see how it works, but I'm optimistic. They won't go with every year's theme for sure, probably not most, but I like having options and I want to do everything I can to make this Christmas not seem like it is happening in a horrible, awful, no good, very bad year. Anything to make it seem just as special as any other Christmas has been.

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