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#30 Toolache Wallaby


This wallaby was hunted for fun, for their fur, and also to keep them off pastoral land. They were common until 1910. in 1923 there were attempts to capture the last 14 known wild ones in the hopes they could be put on Kangaroo Island in a sanctuary. They caught them, but 10 died because they had been driven to exhaustion. There were 4 that did survive in captivity, but they couldn't save the species. There were sightings of what may have been ones into the 1970's, but none since then. They were incredibly fast, able to outrun the greyhounds used to chase them. They were thought of as the "most elegant, graceful, and swift species of the kangaroo"

I would love to go to Australia, but I'm allergic to all bite-y and sting-y critters. I am pretty safe here in Oregon, there is only one spider that is considered dangerous here (though all of them would hurt me), and no snakes that have venom. That is our part of Oregon, Eastern and Southern Oregon are not quite so lucky. I have a feeling that if I went to Australia I'd try to make friends with some critter and then get killed because it accidentally poked me or bit me or looked at me funny. I almost did a semester in Perth back in college. Unfortunately the guy who was stalking me found out about it. He signed up as well, so I dropped out of the program, not wanting to be stuck in another country with him. I do wish I'd been a braver sort back then, able to confront people more easily, and had informed the school as to why I was dropping out. He ended up being deported back to Canada. Thankfully this was before facebook and long distance stalkingw as too difficult back then.

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