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#57 Black Rhinoceros

Critically Endangered

Number 3 in the black series

Unless they are killed by poachers or other predators, these can live to be 40 years or more. One, named Fausta, lived 54 years in the wild before her health went downhill enough they felt she needed to be moved to a sanctuary. There, she lived to be 57! They can run close to 35mph but probably won't see you if you hold still 100 feet away from them. They are smaller than the white rhino, but still weigh about 3000 pounds. It is incredibly disturbing and disgusting how poaching has evolved. The poachers have taken to tranquilizing them before hacking off the horns (often destroying the nasal cavity, leaving it to die a slow death). The tranquilizing shots are quieter than a normal gun, and makes it easier to get away with. They are also using stuff that only licensed vets have access to. There are very organized poaching networks including some who are supposed to help protect these animals.

I love the idea that rhinoceros are just pudgy unicorns. I have a t-shirt with a rhino running on a treadmill that is cute. The thing is, I think the rhinocerous is just perfect as they are. You don't have to be a big white sparkly horse with a horn to be a majestic unicorn. I was always essentially made to believe that what made me pretty was my hair. Then seizure medication made me lose enough of my hair that I wore a wig. I never felt pretty before, but losing my hair and having it go from an interesting red colour to what I call mouse poo brown was certainly not helpful. I've decided though, hair is just an accessory. It is temporary, you might as well just have fun with it. Even if you don't have any at all, it doesn't change who you are fundamentally, so who cares?!

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