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No Art Today

This is a panorama (so there is some weird warping) of my senior thesis art show. The paintings are all digital and 16"x20". The rest of the stuff is all ceramic work, and each of the ceramic pieces makes noise. What I did was I had a ceramic piece or pieces that went with the painting, at least in a small way. For the elephant, I made several mouse shaped rattles. Myth Busters showed that elephants actually are a bit scared of mice in one of their episodes. The praying mantis is paired with some humming birds turned into bells. Praying mantis will actually catch and eat humming birds, so if you see one by your hummingbird feeder, you should probably move it to your garden where it can eat insects and be more beneficial. The octopus is paired with a wall hanging of a shark, but it is a sort of rain stick as well. Sharks will eat octopuses, but if it is small enough, and octopus is quite happy to eat a shark. In fact there was one aquarium that couldn't figure out what was making their sharks disappear until they realized the octopus was eating them. The raccoon is paired with a cat that is a rainstick. I shared the video of it in an earlier post. If you don't want raccoons coming up to your home, do not leave cat food out. They are opportunist and are more than happy to help clean up all that food. The sea turtle is paired with a jellyfish wind chime. As young, a green sea turtle eats jellyfish and other animals, then as they become juveniles they switch to being herbivores.

I have contacted a company I trust to make prints. They are who I used when I was doing lots of photography and were always fantastic. I want to come up with at least 2 versions of prints that I can sell to use as rewards or to sell at shows. I looked into making books, even self-publishing one possibly, but the cost means that is not possible for me to do at the moment. I can envision eventually being able to have a book with a painting per page, some information about the animal, maybe a map showing where they are found, and even the flags of the countries. I also got a start on a second sticker edit, and possibly a magnet. Today is a family day, pretty much everything is closed, and I may only do some photo edits today so I have more stickers ready to go if the samples come back nice.

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