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There is art to be found anywhere, even when you cannot leave home. This is a photograph of incense smoke.

Turkey Vulture

I find these birds beautiful, even with their naked heads. They are so important for the environment too.

Two Koi

We used to have goldfish. They have personality, and absolutely have more memory than the myth of only three seconds. Butterfly Koi like these are mesmerizing to watch.


I made this for my senior thesis. It is a rainstick of sorts. When you tip it over it makes a beautiful sound.


I took this with my 1928 Voigtlander TLR. This is probably my favourite camera, even over my digital.

Turning from the Light

My sister was very cooperative in helping me to create this image.


It may be hard to see but it was fun to make. I took the juice from some strawberries, added denatured alcohol, and painted that on some paper. I then put a fern on the paper and left it in the sun. Though you may not see it well, that made a sunprint of the fern.

Teaching Moment

When teaching photography to kids in junior high and you are stuck inside because of rain, it is fun to show them they can create art no matter what. This is food colouring in milk that I added a bit of dish soap to.


Another rainstick. It is over a foot tall and I love its personality.

Eastern Oregon

The area around Heppner Oregon is very different from my part of Oregon, but absolutely beautiful.


Oregon has the most ghost towns of any state in the US. They have their own beauty.


Digital painting of a praying mantis. Mantis are on every continent except Antarctica. They are cool looking insects and fascinating to study.


I enjoy finding beautiful little vignettes to photograph on old buildings.


My youngest son with my oldest son's shadow and the bear my grandpa bought when he heard my mom was pregnant with me.


A piece I did for a friend. Pigs are incredibly smart and social animals.

Simple field

I appreciate the straight lines in fields. I drove a combine once when I was 10, my row was NOT straight.


I am a girl who never got over her love of horses. This is modeled after Obsidian, the Arabian stallion I learned to ride on.


Another rainstick. I think they are probably my favourite thing to make.


This was a study in using one light when taking a portrait.

Blind Faith

We played tug-of-war with my dog using this dress, also burnt bits of it and dragged it through the dirt. Don't be afraid to experiment.


This is my digital painting and the reference photo I used. The wolf is owned by the friend of someone I know.


Again, you can find art anywhere. This is some decorative grass I found in a store.

Long Ago

This was my first ever oil painting, I did it back in high school. A friend of a friend let me use the paint and gave me the saw blade.


I painted this after learning giraffe were endangered. It was painted with a mouse using Photoshop CS5


The building in this photo is not going to be around much longer. I would love to photograph every dilapidated building I see.


You don't need anything fancy to do something like this. I had a couple floor lamps and my flash, that is it.

Pacific Giant Octopus

There is something about the octopus that draws me to it. They are so intelligent, yet live for only a few years. All that brain power lost after such a short time.


Dragonflies are so much fun to watch zipping around.


The Wildlife Safari out in Winston Oregon is amazing.

Sea Turtle

Another digital painting done with a mouse. It took me at least a week to paint this, working many hours a day.

Dramatic Succulent

I love black and white photography, but seem to mostly work in colour.


I always paint the eyes first, and felt this would be a great way of bringing the focus to the eyes.


Sgraffito is when you scratch through one colour to a different colour in order to make a design.

Bald Eagle

These always seem less dignified than you'd think the mascot for a country should be, but I love their shocked and confused look.


This was probably the most cooperative model I've ever worked with.

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