A "Vanishing Point" is an art term that has to do with perspective.  It also means:


"The point at which something that has been growing smaller or increasingly faint disappears altogether."

I have called this project "The Vanishing Paint" because the animals I am painting are vanishing, or already gone.  This is my attempt to give these creatures some sort of permanence.

I started this page after I had painted over 70 different animals.  What began as a way to keep myself occupied during Covid lock-down has grown into what I intend to be a year long project.  By the end of a year I will hardly have scratched the surface of all the critically endangered and extinct animals.  I set a limit on extinct animals to those who went extinct from 1900 on, otherwise I would be painting dinosaurs and could fill a year with only extinct creatures. 

All of the paintings are 4"x6" so there is not a lot of detail in any of them.  My goal is to be accurate but not exact.  I am creating art rather than a scientific drawing.  For some, I have never seen a picture of them so they are completely my interpretation based on descriptions and animals they are most closely related to.

I will post these every day, but there is no set time.  Life is still happening, and as a wife and mother my days can sometimes not seem my own.  I upload the painting once it is done, sometimes that is early, sometimes I barely manage to get done before midnight PST. 

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