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A "Vanishing Point" is an art term that has to do with perspective.  It also means:


"The point at which something that has been growing smaller or increasingly faint disappears altogether."

I have called this project "The Vanishing Paint" because the animals I am painting are vanishing, or already gone.  This is my attempt to give these creatures some sort of permanence.

I started this page after I had painted over 70 different animals.  My first painting was done June 24th, 2020.  What began as a way to keep myself occupied during Covid lock-down has grown, first into a year long project and now I am starting a second year.  The first year I chose to do only watercolour, and limited myself to critically endangered, extinct in the wild, and extinct species.  The extinct species were from 1900 and on.  This second year I will be doing a mix of mediums.  The weekends will be charcoal drawings, and the week days will be either oil or pastel paintings.  As with the first year I will be doing a completed piece every single day.  The images are meant to be accurate but art rather than exact scientific representations.  My goal is to show life and personality in all the animals.   For some of these pieces, I have never seen a picture of the animal so they are completely my interpretation based on descriptions and looking at other species they are closely related to.

I will post these every day, but there is no set time.  Life is still happening, and as a wife and mother my days can sometimes not seem my own.  I upload the painting once it is done, sometimes that is early, sometimes I barely manage to get done before midnight PST. 

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