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#50 Javan Hawk-eagle


End of the 2nd Bird Week

These are the national bird of Indonesia. They are only found on the Island of Java, or at least wild ones are. Habitat loss is ongoing and their main threat. Unfortunately people also capture them as part of pet trade. They are about 2 feet long, monogamous, and only breed every 2 years. Sadly, making species recovery more difficult they also only have one chick. As of the last assessment in 2016 it was assumed that there were 600-900 total birds. When looking these up, there were two different colourings. One was a beautiful mainly solid reddish brown with a bit of dark for the feathers on top of their head and some darker feathers on their wings. I thought that might be the juvenile, but the written description said the juveniles are more of a dull colour than the adults, which the red was not. They described the adults as a having markings on their chest and being a dark brown. If I had been certain that the red was an adult I probably would have saved it and painted it. Though both were stunning, probably because it was about the same colour as my youngest son's hair (he doesn't have bright red hair, his is a dark red) I was quite drawn to the less dramatically marked version.

Ok, actual eye appointment tomorrow. I will let you know how it goes. I've decided that next week is going to be the order carnivore. That includes many of people's favourite animals because canines and felines are in that group. Once I do a few more themed weeks I will probably go back to doing whatever strikes my fancy for the day. I would love to get ideas from people, so feel free to contact me with requests for endangered animals. I may already have it on my list, and I only have 315 left to do before I am done with this project, but I promise I will try to fit it in. I'm hoping that things settle down a bit soon and I can get back to painting the Quokka, and then also do some other animals that are not endangered so I can hopefully earn money for this project. If I am unable to fund it this year, then I will start doing just paintings of anything I feel like, chickens, horses, all sorts of things. I can sell those and eventually pay for getting things framed. I have a very different project I will eventually start, and it is not an every day sort of thing. It will take a lot of work to get it up and going, but once I get started it is going to be more travel, do work on the project, wait for an amount of time that is out of my hands, then travel. I don't want to share anything about it until I've gotten started on it. While I am very much about sharing and helping other artists, and will always help someone out, I do not want to share this idea. If someone stole the idea, I couldn't do anything about it and I would be heartbroken. It is something I've been thinking about for some years now.

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