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#6 Christmas Island Pipistrelle


This is the first extinct animal on my list. There were attempts made to capture them to start a captive breeding program. Unfortunately, the remaining bats were too elusive to be caught and have not been seen or heard from since. It is understandable that this micro-bat, Australia's smallest bat, was difficult to catch, they were extremely small. They weighed up to 0.16 ounces is all. There are many things thought to have brought about the extinction. Feral cats, invasive species like the common wolf snake, giant centipede, and roof rats, also yellow crazy ants along with the pesticide used to kill them.

I'm disappointed in this painting (more of the early ones disappoint me than the later ones you'll find out). There were no flying pictures I could find of this bat. Mostly there were pictures of them looking startled by a flash while hugging a tree branch or someone's finger. I looked at a lot of other types of Pipistrelle bats while researching because I wanted to paint this one looking happy and flying.

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