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#31 Schomburgk's Deer


These deer used to live in swamp type plains in Thailand. Rice fields took over their grassland and swamp areas, plus they were over hunted. Hunting them was easy because they would congregate on small hills up out of the water when their low ground flooded. No scientists ever got to see one in the wild apparently. A few that were captured, but no attempt was made by the zoos to breed the deer and keep the population alive. The last one alive was tame, and lived in a temple but it was stabbed to death by a drunk man in 1938.

One of my most exciting memories has to do with deer. Two hours into a four hour drive to a photography day with my best friend, I saw a baby deer be blown over he came so close to getting hit by a semi-truck. I freaked out, slammed on the brakes, hopped out, and was running after the baby deer. My best friend hadn't seen it and thought I'd lost my mind. Thankfully, I caught the deer when it ran into a fence. There was no way for the poor baby to get to safety, and I am pretty sure her mother that was one of the deer I'd seen dead along the side of the road right by where I got the baby.

If you see a baby deer on its own, leave them be because their mother is likely coming back. This was a different case though, if I had left the baby alone it would have died. As it was, we took it to a police station. It fell asleep in my lap on the way there. The officers told us they would take it to a wildlife rescue near there. I would have taken it myself, but I didn't know the area, and didn't know the area we were heading to either, and did not think a faun in a hotel room would have been the best thing. The officers were nice and found a box for me to put the baby in and turned on lights so I could get a picture of it before they took it off to its new home. I hope that it was able to go on and live a long life in the wild.

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