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#340 Peruvian Viscacha


There was only a skull found to prove this species even existed. There are other viscacha, but this one has never been recorded alive. Because of that, nobody knows what these looked like, or anything about them except that they lived in Southern Peru. They went extinct by, or before 1910. You should look up Viscacha if you've never seen them. Seriously, they are absolutely adorable. They look a bit like extra floofy bunnies with slightly stubby ears and a squirrel tail. Viscacha are from the same family as chinchilla, and they look just as soft. I don't have any information on what caused these to go extinct. I think my default when painting extinct animals is wanting them to look annoyed or as if they are judging us. I feel they have the right certainly.

I assume that it is because of wearing masks that I have gone for a year without getting bronchitis. I used to get it 4 times a year, sometimes more. I had bronchitis for 6 of the 9 months I was pregnant with my oldest, and tore ligaments in my back because of too much coughing. Well, today I seem to have come down with my normal cough unfortunately. It hurts when I cough. If it gets worse I will make myself a drink I like to have when I get sickest. It is essentially lemon juice, grated ginger, a bit of cayenne pepper flakes, and sugar. I don't do honey, which would probably make the drink work better. I know sugar isn't good for you, but I also don't use stevia or agave. If you are old enough to drink, supposedly adding a bit of whiskey to the drink helps too. I'm not a big fan of alcohol though either. I use wine in cooking, but I don't like drinking it. I'm all the time seeing funny memes about drinking wine, and I always think how much better they would be if they were about coffee instead. Coffee doesn't really help with my cough, but it is a comfort drink so it makes me feel happy. Ok, it doesn't really take much to make me happy, that is my default state. Coffee just makes it even easier. I'm going to blame my extra distracted rambling today on getting sick, but in actuality it is just that I am less able to stay on topic when I don't feel well.

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