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#61 Baiji

Presumed Extinct

By 1998 there were only 7 of these to be found. The last one known as Qi Qi lived in captivity and died in 2004. They set up a reserve they hoped to place any captured ones in and maybe save the species, but there have not been any more found. They had put measures in place to protect them, but unfortunately there was nothing implemented to help impoverished people follow the measures, and so saving the species failed.

This dolphin was deaf and almost blind, but used echo location/sonar to find food. They would hunt in groups, but not much more is known about them. They have no real idea how long they lived or how they interacted with each other. Their extinction wasn't big news in the media, unlike some other animals. It seems that most people didn't really care. I think it may be because they aren't the gregarious dolphin with big eyes and a huge "smile" and not inclined to do tricks for fish. That somehow made them not as lovable. I am finding as I research that there are some animals that really do not get much attention even from scientists. I know there is a limited number of scientists, and an awful lot of animals in danger, but I feel sadder for the animals that are ignored and unloved.

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