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#65 Blue-grey mouse

Presumed Extinct

Fourth of 5 in the blue series

There were two found in South Queensland in 1892 and another found in 1956 in New South Wales. By found, I mean they were caught and killed, because why let an endangered species live when you can turn it into a taxidermy specimen or dissect it, right? Sorry, I let my bitterness about how some animals were not They haven't been seen since that last one and it is assumed they are extinct.. At least one of the areas they were found in has been cleared completely for development.

My youngest had pet mice for several years. I know they say not to give children pets for a present, but my youngest is very responsible. We gave him mice one year for Christmas. Did you know you can get rescue mice, and that the humane society often has them? It was lovely how his mice got to be very comfortable with him and were happy and excited to see him. This one is Cream. She got mites somehow, and my son, until he got rid of the mites, rotated her cage every night, bleaching the one she'd been in, rinsing it in hot water, and letting it dry. He would give her medication, and was so kind in how he cared for her. It was very hard when she got old and sick, and we had to have her put to sleep. Our vet is wonderful and sent him a condolences card as well as making a footprint plaque for him. They understand that even a mouse can be loved and horribly missed.

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