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#31 Golden-headed Lion Tamarin


Primate Week

Tamarins are a fairly small primate. These have a body length of only 8-13 inches, and then a tail that is longer than their body. All the pictures I saw of them showed a scared or sad looking animals. I absolutely could not paint them looking like that so I tried to make them look hopeful. They need hope. The forest areas in Brazil where they live have been severely depleted. There is only 2%-5% of them remaining. These New World monkeys mate for life, and both of the parents help raise the baby. They only live about 8 years in the wild, but can live 15 or so in captivity. I am still trying for a looser looking style, except for the eyes. We will see how I do as I progress through the year.

The boys are camping. I really would have liked to go to, but I'm not alone here so I will be fine. I truly can't stand an empty house, it feels dead. Even if I'd never gotten married, I could never live somewhere without someone sharing my home with me. If I lived alone I'd go for a big dog for sure, and probably a cat, but just having something with a heartbeat around keeps me from going nuts. People are the best because they can answer when you talk to them, but I'm certainly not one to avoid talking to pets. I just could not take all the paint with me and head out there, find a way of doing research on the primates while somewhere with no internet. I could probably have researched them all before I left, but then I wouldn't be able to post the paintings, and that would not feel right. I get to hear all about it at least, and they don't have to worry about me so they should have lots of fun. They tend to worry about me because my health is not good.

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