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#60 Samoan or Godeffroy's Swallowtail also called the pepe ae


#60 Samoan or Godeffroy's Swallowtail also seem to be called the pepe ae

Lepidoptera Week

I only found one site that said it is called the pepe ae (and they did not use any capitalization). If it is the Samoan name for the butterfly, I absolutely want to call it that. I always try to use the original names of animals whenever I find out what they are. I am unsure though if that is what pepe ae is. Unfortunately these butterflies have lost about 95% of their original range. I couldn't even find any certain reasons for the decline. There is thought that it may be a combination of cyclones and habitat destruction that has caused the problem. They are the largest butterfly in Samoa, but I did not find anywhere that said just how big they are.

Went to Costco today. As I pulled up I was rather surprised because there was a line of about 12 people and there haven't been lines in a long time. I thought maybe it was because I was getting there earlier than I usually do, but that wouldn't have made sense because I usually go toward the time when people are getting off of work, and this would have been more an early lunch break sort of time. They said their power was out, and they had to close. The thing is, they have a back-up generator, so they should have been fine. I don't know how long they were or possibly still are out of power. The amount of food that would go to waste is astronomical. I wish that I could have taken it for food banks. I don't know how Costco would handle that sort of situation though. As I was leaving I saw a man having a mental health crisis. He was in the intersection, punching himself in the head as hard as he could. It was heartbreaking. I was in a turn lane waiting for the light and it would not have been safe for me to get out of the car and go to him to try and help. He then ran through traffic and started taking off his clothes as he headed toward the freeway. I had to move because the light turned. I had to call 911 because if he gets onto the freeway while he is in a self destructive state it could be deadly for him and possibly others. Haven't been able to get the poor man out of my mind, I have looked and haven't seen anything in any police or news information so I hope they were able to get to him and that he will be getting help. My gut reaction is to go up and offer a hug to someone who is so obviously hurting.

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