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#63 Paoilio aristophontes


Lepidoptera Week

There is no common name for these. They were thought to be a separate species, then considered a subspecies to another one, but then went back to being their own species. They are endemic to the Comoros. Their wingspan is about 3.5 inches across. Burning for agriculture and planting of bananas rather than letting habitat re-grow seems to be their biggest threats. It seems that a lot of the butterflies and moths I'm painting won't have any information about them.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I finished this just in time to head out to my in-laws house. We got to hang out with them, and I must say my sister-in-law really understands me. She shopped the Halloween section of Target for things that I will absolutely use, some of it year round! It isn't creepy or gory type things, but is a little cloche with crow feet and a cute tiny little bat on the top. I haven't decided what to put into it. I have a spot for it I think, and it will be surrounded by my antique cameras but I don't want a camera in it. I've got to think about it for a while.

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