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#131 Pernambuco Pygmy Owl

Critically Endangered

Though they are listed as critically endangered, they are most likely extinct. Illegal logging is the biggest threat to them, along with fires, both of which have almost entirely destroyed their habitat. There are only 2 specimens in existence (skins collcted back in 1980), and I went from the only 2 pictures I could find for reference, neither of which had a face showing. They are a small owl, with no ear tufts. The most informative site I could find had a good description that I tried to follow, but also had a lot of categories that simply said "probably similar to other pygmy owls".

I have done some work on the frog pile painting, but not a ton. Now that I'm done with the costumes for the kids, I should be able to get it finished soon. I've been thinking about setting up a Patreon account, though I have no idea what goes into that. I could do paintings on cards and send them to people as a tier reward. I could even do pet portraits rather than just doing animals like these. That would help me keep buying pencils when I use them up, and could help me afford to even just purchase mattes for these all, let alone frames. I hate to ask for money, but getting 365 paintings matted and framed is certainly not something I can afford to do.

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