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Limosa Harlequin Frog

Critically Endangered

This is the Limosa Harlequin Frog (Limosa Harlequin sounds like a very colourful citrus drink to me). There are actually 2 colour morphs of this species, this kind which is a vibrant yellow, green, and black. The other is a much more muted greenish brown fairly uniform colour usually still with yellow toes. Interestingly, the females are the ones with the bright yellow and red undersides, with both colour morphs the males have a primarily white ventral side. I generally think of the more colourful sex being the male. The 2 colour morphs don't mix either, they have separate areas of Panama.

Their Genus is one of the most threatened. It is thought that close to 90% are at risk of extinction, 40% may already be extinct in the wild, and there are 4 that are assumed extinct now. I've said before, I could paint endangered or extinct frogs (or birds) every day for over a year and not run out. This mushroom is from the area the frogs inhabit, and I believe it would be the right size for a frog to sit in, but I have no idea if they ever would. Because I do not copy pictures, I am able to take more creative license than maybe some others can. I still try to portray them accurately though. The mushrooms like to live on rotting logs, and the video I saw of some of the frogs being reintroduced had them living by a rocky stream in a forest. I always prefer to not do a background but I also always try to push myself to do things I don't necessarily like to do. So, I tried to hint at a rocky stream with decaying wood so both the frog and the mushrooms would be happy.

This post is getting to be long enough. I am not the sort who likes to make you have to scroll for ages to get through things. I will share the dog painting in the next post.

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