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#141 Ridley's Stick Insect


There is almost nothing that I can find about this. I cannot tell if it went extinct in 1904 or if the one male that was collected was found then. Other than that, they were endemic to Singapore, which is the extent of the information I've found. I was laughing with my husband rolling his eyes a bit. I've gone this far into the project, and now I've painted a stick figure!

I've mentioned that I'm allergic to bees, spiders, wasps, really anything that has any venom. I generally dislike yellowjackets. This one is the only one I've ever liked. It showed up on the ornamental grass near our front door one day early October or possibly late September (back in 2014). It just stayed there. I began to feel rather protective of it, and made sure to bend the grass so the eves of our home would protect it in the rain. I even offered it some sandwich meat, since they are notorious for breaking up picnic lunches. It was still alive, and would occasionally change which bit of grass it was hanging out on but nothing more. It stayed there through into the next year, and then was gone.

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