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#71 Moroccan Wall Brown


Lepidoptera Week 2 - last one

Some people consider this a subspecies of the Large Wall Brown. I haven't been generally doing subspecies but since most sites seem to consider this its own species I'm going with that. Also, the IUCN which is what I use to determine the status of an animal only says "some authors consider it a subspecies". It isn't named as if it is a subspecies. For instance Lasiommata maera meadewaldoi. That means for me, it is its own species. They are apparently exceedingly shy and almost impossible to photograph. Based on all the amount of pictures I saw of the Large Wall Brown and other species, it must be more shy than the others, or at least more difficult to access. They live 2 miles or more up in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco. The threats causing their decline are unknown, but it is thought to be due to land use in the form of livestock grazing and other things causing habitat destruction.

I bleached my hair a while ago. I like to have pink hair partly because of the breast cancer that runs in my family (out of 2 generations, 5 of 8 women have had it, so far my generation is fine). I also like to have it because I'm surrounded by boys and I need a bit of fru-fru. An additional bonus is that I'm easy to find in a crowd. My back has been so bad for so long though, I wasn't able to actually dye my hair. I've been going around with weirdly blonde roots for a week with light pink for the rest of my hair. Things like this are why I am not doing oil paintings every day. A charcoal drawing takes much less time to do than a painting, even though it is a lot bigger than the paintings. It gives me free time so that I can do more on the weekends. I thought it would be good for my mental health too. It really gets a bit overwhelming thinking about all the animals I want to portray and just how many I won't end up being able to share with people. It is especially daunting because I know I may not be able to afford doing a whole year this time. I will go until I cannot go any longer. Anyway, I'm done early today, and am off to go dye my hair. Even though I almost never wear make-up and live in jeans and t-shirts which usually have paint on them somewhere, it is nice to feel at least part of you is done up the way you feel most comfortable. I've had pink hair (and occasionally purple hair, purple is the colour for epilepsy which I have) since the mid 2000's and I'm not sure what I'd think of myself with my normal hair colour anymore.

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