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#159 Pink Fairy Armadillo

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These are from Argentina. They are rarely seen. There is even someone who has spent 13 years studying other armadillos in that area, and has never seen one in the wild. The only ones they have seen are ones that are brought in after being injured. Even those native to the area don't know how to find them, just come upon them by chance. They are a tiny armadillo, only about 5 inches long. They are incredible diggers with their long claws. They don't seem to use their plates for protection like other armadillos. The pink tone they have is from the blood showing through their delicate crunchy shell. It is possible they use the plates to regulate temperature instead of protection. Their biggest risks are from farming, the plowing destroys habitats, the pesticides kill their food, and cattle also destroys their tunnels. When it rains, they come above ground like earthworms. That puts them at risk of being hit by cars, and also being picked up by people who want to keep them as pets or sell them as such on the black market. Unfortunately they have been found to die within about 8 days when not in their natural habitat.

Our tree is up, but not decorated. I'm making the ornaments still. I've finished one kind, started a second, and still have another couple to do. I will be sure to show a picture when I get it done. I have to put up the advent calendar I made tomorrow. I like to get cheap things, but stuff my kids would like, and go that route instead of the little pre-filled chocolate advent calendars you usually see. My kids get chocolate in some of the days, but stuff that is actually good chocolate. I only do the normal 24 days, and my kids alternate every other day. The oldest gets odd days, the youngest gets even days. It has been good for making them experience delayed gratification, being excited when they see the other person getting something good, and being patient because they know they will have something the next day. I may love Christmas decorations and excitement more than my kids do even. I know my husband hates having to put lights up. He was not excited to come home though when I was pregnant with my first when I was 4 1/2 months pregnant (I was already pretty big, I seriously looked like I was pregnant with triplets by the time I gave birth) and he came home to find me up on the roof putting up lights. This house we are in now, I don't do that because the roof is more difficult to get onto.

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