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#172 Starry Sturgeon

Critically Endangered

This sturgeon is from rivers around the Black Sea, Caspian Sea, and some other places in the same area. They really have beautiful starry markings, I did not do it justice really. Due to overfishing it seems there is not much optimism for the future of this fish. There is a lot of overfishing, and illegal fishing. They are one of the top 3 caviar producers and are considered a delicacy which is why the illegal fishing is such a problem. They weigh up to 180 pounds, but unfortunately the illegal fishing tends to take the large ones that are needed to continue the species. In 1990 there were 55,000 that died due to pollution.

The fish hatcheries in the gorge in Oregon has sturgeon in a pond for viewing. I do not remember what kind they are. It isn't there to be used as food, more for people to be able to see just how big these fish can get. I remember going as a little kid and just staring at them in awe. The gorge area here is absolutely beautiful. This is a picture from one of the waterfalls there. I took this with my 1928 Voigtlander Brilliant. It is my goal to eventually take pictures with a plate camera out there, and to go on one of the rare years the falls freeze. I was just getting started on learning how to build a plate camera when the virus came into the scene. Even the waterfalls were closed at first, so I did not want to start building a camera I wouldn't be able to take places. I want to build a camera still, and have grand plans for a couple series I want to do with it. I am doing one big art project at a time for now though, especially until after Christmas!

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