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#190 Laysan Rail


These are a sad story of humans really screwing things up. First, domesticated rabbits were introduced to the island. They essentially ate anything green, making the island absolutely desolate. Then, in 1943 the navy accidentally introduced rats, which sealed their fate. They were also easy to catch and eat because they had almost no fear of humans and were flightless. The Wake Island Rail nearby in fact went extinct spcifically because a Japanese garrison on the island ran out of food and ate them all. The last Laysan Rail was seen in June of 1944, and extinct by 1945. They looked like a "subdued version of the Baillon's cake" which to me looks almost as if it is a cross between a pheasant and a sandpiper. The rail did actually have brilliant red eyes along with a yellowish green beak and legs. Other than the skins and taxidermy specimens I saw of this bird, I did find one colour photograph. It was a colourized black and white photo though, I'm pretty sure. The green of the leaves were all exactly the same green, and the bird was a solid chocolate brown, which they absolutely were not. The pictures of dead ones don't show the true colour either, because colours fade so much over time.

Colours fading makes me think of my hair. *sigh* So my mom is still a blonde, she's always been a blonde. Me on the other hand, I used to have fairly red hair. Well, it was what I called reddish brownish blondish hair because it would seem to change, but it was always a in the red spectrum. This picture shows my hair when I was young. It got a bit darker, but stayed about the same colour. You can see that I, the girl on the left with the absolutely spectacular plaid pants, have more red in my hair than the other two (my sister is the other girl in pigtails, a family friend is the third girl). When I went on seizure medication though, my hair changed. It got much darker, and turned into what I call mouse poo brown, as boring as it could be, plus it started falling out. It got to the point where I had to wear a wig for a while. After going off that seizure medication some of my hair came back, but not the colour. I feel I may have shared about this at one point already, but I miss my hair, and you just get to hear about it I guess. I'm glad I don't have to wear a wig anymore, though it wasn't a problem at all and was quite pretty. I think I'd feel smothered though if I was having to wear a wig and a mask at the same time when I went out.

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