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#212 Corfu Killifish

Critically Endangered

Around the World in 80 Days - Day 4

These are also called the Corfu Toothcarp, and they are considered a glacial relic species. They survived the ice age in some areas that didn't get covered by any glaciers. They eat insects mostly. The pictures that showed up when I was trying to find them were almost all mislabeled from the looks of them. There are lots of different killifish, and most are beautifully coloured. The video I saw with biologists talking about the work they were doing to help save the fish, and a paper I saw also talking about that, all showed them as white fish, not the bright yellow, pink, or other colours that popped up in my search. So, I decided to go with white, even if the other colours might have been more exiting. From what I can tell, nobody really knows or has permission to find out how many of these are left in Albania, and in Greece they are not extirpated from Corfu. What the video showed though, seemed to be some really good efforts to help save the fish. They are short lived, not easy to keep, and because they aren't showy they do not seem to be threatened by aquarium trade. Their main threats are loss of habitat as wetlands are drained and swampy areas are polluted, and also an introduced species that competes with them for food and is more aggressive than they are.

White fish like this may not be that desirable in aquarium trade, but I think they are kind of pretty. I don't have a favourite colour for animals, but some animals just seem more amazing when they are white. I don't know if you've seen white ravens, and I've never seen them in person, but they are almost shocking to see. They aren't albino, what they have is leucism but they are certainly unusual. I prefer the black ravens but I would be over the moon if I saw a white one. We don't get ravens in my area so I'd have to see a white crow which I would be happy to see too. I have a very strong memory from my childhood of a woman with albinism. We would go to the Highland Games every year when I was little, before that became expensive. Many years in a row we saw the woman with albinism and I always thought she was almost ethereal looking. She had to wear sunglasses and a hat all the time, but I did see her one year when she came into the restroom, and I'd never seen eyes like she had, an almost silvery lavender. There was another woman who always came there with her husband, and they were fascinating to me too, but for a totally different reason. I wanted to go up and touch their arms. The couple looked as if they pretty much lived under a tanning lamp. Their skin to my 8 or 9 year old self looked like leather. I was sure that if I touched it, their skin would feel almost exactly like a saddle, but a really weird wrinkly saddle.

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