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#223 Dwarf Gulper Shark

Critically Endangered

Around the World in 80 Days - Day 15

Sailing by Oman right now, heading toward India. They wouldn't have seen these sharks because they are a deep water shark. I think that is why they have such cool and huge eyes. I only found 3 actual photos of these sharks, mostly it was another gulper shark that they are similar to. The three photos were of dead sharks, which always makes me sad. All those pictures and the pictures of the gulper they are mistaken for shows them with these eerie green eyes. If I wasn't doing another animal tomorrow and had more time to research, I would study just for their eyes. Really the eyes are mesmerizing. The females are larger than the males, but they still only get up to 2 1/2 feet long. They give birth to a single live pup that is only about an inch long. They are elusive, and other than what I've listed, not much seems to be known about them.

I don't share the names of my friends or family. I was stalked back in University, before internet was really a thing. A guy I had essentially not even said hi to told me that he'd had a vision of who he was going to marry, and I was it. He then started to call my apartment about 40 times a day (this was before cell phones were common, I think he got my number from my roommate). My roommate was home a lot more than I was and had to deal with all the calls. I was working 40-45 hours a week and taking about 18 or more credit hours so I was almost never home. I signed up to do a semester abroad in Perth, Australia but when he found out I was going, he signed up too. I really did not want to be stuck in a country on the opposite side of the world with him being the only one I knew, so I dropped out of the program. Thankfully he was eventually deported back to Canada. That though is why I don't share names of family and friends. My best friend who lives near me said I can call her Ladybug. It is what her mom used as her handle on CB radio. So I have my Husband, Oldest, Youngest, Ladybug, Wrong Text Friend, and I suppose I should think of names for my other best friends as well. I kind of want to come up with fun names for my family though. I suppose my husband could be "The Patient One", but he's also brilliant and fun. My oldest could be "The Drummer", and my youngest could be The Lapidarist" but that doesn't really roll off the tongue. Plus, that is what my kids do, not really who they are. Hmm, I'm going to have to think on this.

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