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#239 Yellow-crested Cockatoo

Critically Endangered

Around the World in 80 days - Day 31

We've left Singapore with Phileas Fogg now, heading for Hong Kong. These Cockatoos are from East Timor and some of the islands of Indonesia. They've also been introduced to Singapore. They not only have a yellow crest, but a yellow cheek patch, yellow on the underside of their tail, and on the inside of their wings where you only see it if they have them open. Females have a reddish brown eye, males have essentially black eyes, and juveniles have grey eyes. They mate for life but live in groups because they are friendly and social birds, though shy. The biggest threats to them are the pet trade and habitat loss. The IUCN says there are likely fewer than 3000 of them left in total, but other sites place the number much lower.

Well, everyone in my extended circle has their power back on thankfully! Ladybug (my bff who lives a couple blocks from me if you remember) said her son in Texas was facing a sort of no-win situation for a while. He had no power, so no way to heat food, but there is a boil water order as well. How would you handle that? Alright, as I've said before, I live in Oregon. We face the potential of "the big one" an earthquake that is expected to happen at any moment or not for another 100 years, they really have no clue. The thing is, because of living here, having gone through a serious earthquake while visiting family in California, and being the sort who likes to be prepared for anything, I'm going to give a bit of a little lecture here. Please, make sure that if you live somewhere that has any potential for a natural disaster, you are prepared. That means floods, fire, tornado, earthquakes, extreme storms, etc.. You don't have to do what most people might think is crazy or extreme prepping. You don't need to have a basement full to the top with a stockpile of food, weapons, and toilet paper. Even having water enough for 2 weeks (remember your water heater may have around 40 gallons, and you can use that in a pinch), and non-perishable food for a week or more, a way to heat the food and clean water you will be in better condition than a whole lot of people. Just thinking about Texas as an example right now. If you can't get to the store or people have gone crazy with hoarding at the first mention of snow, the food you have at any given moment may need to last you for a week or more. Think about what you have right now, could you manage at 2 weeks with no power with what is in your house? Now food is what most people think about, and it is very important when it comes to your mood and morale, but it is last on the list of necessities. There is a rule of 3's to survival. You can survive 3 hours without shelter assuming that the weather isn't good and you aren't prepared. You can survive 3 days without water assuming it isn't blazing hot and you aren't exerting yourself. You can survive 3 weeks without food assuming you again aren't exerting yourself and you don't have other problems using excess energy. A few other things I would suggest having with your emergency kid is a couple sources of light, spare batteries, a bit of stuff for in case you get inured, and a deck of cards with the rules to a few different type of solitaire games you may have wanted to try but didn't have the time. A book that is lighthearted too could be good. Don't discount how much boredom can do to your resolve and mood. No need to go overboard, but I hope you all are able to handle any emergency situation you might face. For those who are dealing with it now, I hope you stay safe.

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