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#258 Bleher's Blue-eye

Critically Endangered

Around the World in 80 Days - Day 50

Papua New Guinea would not have been anywhere near Phileas Fogg's sailing route I'm sure, but if you go straight down from Japan, you could eventually come close to hitting it. Well, sort of. Enough that I'm saying it counts for this mini-series within the project.

I have quite a few animals in this list with very little information I am able to find. One article about another fish mentioned this one and said they were extinct in the wild. They are still listed as critically endangered, so I am going to hope they are still around. I learned that these are known from just a few small streams that are part of one river system in Papua New Guinea. There have been some collected to use for aquarium breeding. The first attempt to take the fish from Papua New Guinea did not work because the airline lost the fish that had been collected! Eventually they managed to get some to Europe and start breeding them. Interestingly, the IUCN says that there are no conservation efforts in place for them. That makes be believe that the captive breeding is to create pets, not fish that can be released back into the wild. The fish are small, not much over an inch long. I would love to paint this fish with acrylic or oil, I think I would be able to really give it more depth and interest.

I'm torn. I am not looking for product placement and do not want to be famous though I would love if the project became well known so the animals got attention. I do not want to seem as if I am trying to drum up attention or money for myself though. That is not what this project is about. I would love to give a shout-out to companies I deal with that go above and beyond the normal, but I also don't know for sure that companies would appreciate being mentioned. Let's just say I went to a store today in the hopes I could get some shoe inserts. Because of the car accidents and scoliosis I have, I'm lopsided. I was hoping that maybe shoe inserts would help so I could get back to walking for exercise, and work my way up to running again. I used to love running. I'm not fast, and never was even when I was in track, but I enjoyed it. Now I have to stop long before I am at all tired because I start limping and am in too much pain. Well, there were 2 people working today in the feet store (they don't sell feet obviously, just the shoe inserts and some shoes) and they were incredibly patient as well as very sweet. Unfortunately, I'm just too wonky for shoe inserts to help it would seem. I truly appreciate it when businesses take care of customers. I will go out of my way to tell people about places that seem to actually care, but also will tell anyone and everyone about bad experiences, at least in real life.

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