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#266 Spotted Houndshark

Critically Endangered

Around the World in 80 Days - Day 58

We are coming up to the western coast of the United States with Phileas Fogg. These sharks can be found from Peru, to Ecuador, to the Galapagos, though they mainly stay inshore. They are generally around 6 feet long but can be larger than that. All the descriptions I found called them as stout sharks. The photographs I saw did not show what I would call a stout shark. They are rather lithe I would say. They usually are fairly light, and can have lots of spots. Some don't have any spots, but that doesn't mean they will have plain babies, females have been shown to have spotted babies even when they themselves don't have them. The biggest threat to them seems to be people hunting them. Most pictures I found were in fact of ones that had been caught and were dead.

I am in contact with the site I hope to use for support funding the framing of all these paintings. The widget that I should be able to use doesn't work right. Hopefully they will be able to find out why, and get it working. I only have another 100 days left. Yes, most years are 365 days, but last year was a leap year so I am doing this project for 366 days. Somehow 100 days doesn't sound like much at all now. This is amazing to me, how much I've painted. I have a few paintings that are my favourites, but I don't think I have one favourite. Usually if it is a bit goofy, it is in my favourite list. Today is a short post because I'm making it while in bed and am in pain (my neck again).

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