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#27 Laughing Owl


This owl wasn't named because it looked particularly happy, but because of its interesting barking call. They were endemic to New Zealand. The last one seen, was found dead in 1914 but the last unconfirmed report of them was in 1927. Egg fragments may have been found as late as 1960. Cats allowed outdoors (please don't do that if you love birds at all) and stoats were huge contributors to the extinction of this owl. They were 15-18 inches long. Some had a more brownish face and there was apparently quite a variation in colouring, but I liked the contrast of the ones that had a white face.

Owls are a bird I've never seen at our home. I guess that is good, because being in a town I know many people likely poison mice if they have them at their house. Poisoning prey kills so many predators, and isn't a good way to die for them, or for the mice either! In my ideal world we would move out into the countryside and would have lots of space that animals of all sorts could feel safe in. My best friend lives just 2 blocks from us here though which would make it hard for me to move. Also, one of our dogs is very timid and blind, so completely changing his home would be traumatic for him. I still dream of winning the lottery (I would have to actually play) and being able to start a place where inner city kids and military with PTSD could come, work with many kinds of rescue animals, and learn all sorts of art.

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