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#271 Scoophead Shark

Critically Endangered

Around the World in 80 Days - Day 63

One more day and then we will reach the coast of the United States with Phileas Fogg. These sharks wouldn't be quite out where we are. They stay in tropical waters, along the western coast of Mexico down to a little bit south of Lima, Peru. They also live on the eastern coast of Costa Rica, down to the southern border of Brazil. They are not a large shark, only reaching about 5 feet long. They are overfished, especially in Venezuela and Brazil. There and elsewhere, though quite common in the 1970's, they are now very rare. I could not find any real conservation efforts in place for them, and it seems that not much is known about them at all. In fact some of the information I saw such as breeding age and that sort of thing, seemed to be a "best guess" based off of what is known of other hammerheads, especially the scalloped bonnet head.

It is spring now, so of course I think of gardening. Unfortunately I'm allergic to spiders, mosquitoes, bees, wasps, really anything that people can be bitten or stung by. That makes gardening quite the challenge to do safely. I am very slowly gathering things to do hydroponic gardening with. I would love to grow some tomatoes, lettuce, basil, Thai basil (my favourite herb), and then experiment with other things. I've seen some people who manage to get cantaloupe. If I could eventually do that inside I would be over the moon. When I was pregnant with my youngest I craved cantaloupe like crazy. I could eat a whole one in a sitting, and sometimes that was all I wanted to eat. Of course, at the moment we don't really have the room for growing anything other than the orchids that like our kitchen windowsill. I'm kind of thinking I need to do some serious reorganizing in our front room that is currently where the piano (a free one we got many years ago), my son's school desk, our treadmill (also free, from bff Ladybug), and all our books are. It is rather crowded, but I feel like I could organize it a bit better and then could turn the space into an indoor garden. I will still start some things in our backyard, but last year was rather a bust as far as producing anything worthwhile. I think we got something like 3 tomatoes. If anyone has experience with hydroponics, I'd love to hear your top tips.

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