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#284 Atlantic Whitefish

Critically Endangered

Around the World in 80 Days - Day 75

We wouldn't have come across these on our journey with Phileas Fogg. They are only known to be in 3 connected lakes in Nova Scotia. They used to be in another river system, but a dam and poaching meant they went extinct in that area. Unfortunately they very well might go extinct from their remaining habitat. There are 2 invasive fish, the Smallmouth Bass and the Chain Pickerel that are preying on this small fish as well as other native animals such as small turtles. The Bass and Pickerel are native to Nova Scotia, but not the lakes the Atlantic Whitefish are in. As of 2018 there was only one of the three lakes that remained invasive species free, but as they are interconnected, it is unlikely to remain that way. The whitefish are a small relative of the salmon and trout, generally no longer than 10 inches, though the largest can get to be a little over a foot long. A captive breeding program seems to have been planned, but I don't know that it ever really happened.

It is absolutely beautiful out today. It is in the 60's (Fahrenheit) which is warm enough to be comfortable for everyone in my family. Well, it is not what I would call warm, but I'm broken. I was telling my husband that I know I should not be cold, but I am at that point where I don't feel warm, but I am not shivering cold. I would probably be too warm if I was wearing a coat, but a sweatshirt would not be too much. Meanwhile my husband and kids would be happiest in shorts and the idea of wearing something more than flip-flops seems pretty ridiculous to my kids. I would love to be doing a photography day out in the middle of nowhere, but I feel almost as if I am cheating on this project every time I think about doing other art. Once the year is over I will be adding in more art projects again, but until then it is difficult unless I am doing a specific present for someone. One thing I love about this part of Oregon is that we truly get four seasons. Yes, winter is the cold wet season, spring is the cool wet season, summer is the fairly dry warm season, and fall is the other cool wet season. Fall and spring do seem different, and not just because in one the leaves are beautiful and in the other the flowers are wonderful and the pollen is awful. Fall seems to be more grey and a bit cooler than the sunny rain and slightly warmer days. Fall is still my favourite, but I would say that spring is my second favourite season.

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