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#288 Tope Shark

Critically Endangered

Around the World in 80 Days - Day 79

These are a small shark. The females, which are larger than the males, only get to a few inches over 6 feet long. They are all over the world in temperate waters. One of their nicknames is the Soupfin Shark, which will tell you why they are critically endangered. They are also called the Oil Shark and the Vitamin Shark. Back decades ago they were hunted on the west coast of the US for their liver which provided vitamin A. Thankfully most of them are left alone here now except for by sport fishermen. They don't fare so well in much of the rest of their range. Many of the sites I saw when researching these sharks were about fishing for them rather than conserving them. In fact, this is the first time I've been researching an animal and one of the sites gave nutrition information for them (200 grams are 320 calories) which was a bit jarring to say the least.

Well, I'm having to sharpen the black pencil with a knife now. My husband said it no longer qualifies as a pencil. It still works, but when I have to do little details like the eye of the shark today, it is a bit difficult, but I'm determined to go as long as I can.

It is starting to sprinkle today which makes me very happy. I wouldn't say it is raining, or at least not enough to qualify as real rain. At the moment it is pretty much just misting is what I'd call it. I love rain and I always get worried that we are going to have a drought year when we don't get as much rain as I personally think seems normal. I would prefer we get a good several days of heavy rain this week, but that isn't supposed to happen. I really do not want a repeat of the fire season we had last year, or a couple years prior to last year when the gorge area burned. It was so devastating to see lives lost as well as everything else. Though fires happen every summer, it was so out of control last year, beyond the normal by any stretch of the word.

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