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#297 Scimitar-horned Oryx

Extinct in the Wild

Today will be a short post. These are extinct in the wild. They were over-hunted during unrest and in the 1990's the last wild ones were killed. They are an antelope, about 4.5 feet tall at the shoulder and with horns that grow to be over 3 feet long. While they are to be found in many captive situations, and supposedly there are as many as 12,000 of them living in Texas, not all of the places they are kept have any notion of getting them back to the wild. As you can imagine, those horns are a big draw for trophy hunters.

I'm heading out with my kids tomorrow to celebrate the end of the term. We are going to be out, hopefully well away from others, looking for rocks. Because of the dogs, we have to leave someone at home. My husband gets that today because he's not as happy about the idea of a 4 hour drive just to go look for rocks as I am. Plus, he really needs his bike rides on the weekend to unwind from a week of working. So, I'm going to get my animal figured out and pictures onto my phone ready for tomorrow because I would rather paint there than risk missing a day! That means I'm cutting this post short so I can get everything ready tonight, hopefully still get some sleep, and leave pretty early tomorrow.

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