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#328 Red Handfish

Critically Endangered

These are the rarest fish in the world, or at least of fish where the numbers are known. two years ago a survey determined there were 100 or fewer mature fish. They are rather small, only 1/10 of an inch when they hatch and getting to the length of 2 1/2 inches on average. They actually stay with their eggs waiting for them to hatch. They don't swim, rather they walk around on their fins. The fact they walk means they have a very limited range. It isn't really known for certain why their population numbers have gone down so much. Increase in algae due to runoff, too many sea urchins, seastars eating their eggs, and illegal collection for the aquarium trade all probably play a part in their decline. They only have 2 small populations in reefs near Tasmania.

Ok, I am still very excited. I signed up for an app where the visually impaired can call it, and have someone who can see help them out with things. I've tried to answer multiple calls but even though I always grab it after one ring, nobody is there when I try to accept the call. Yesterday I finally got a chance to help someone. All he needed was to know what the name on 2 pieces of mail were, but I was so happy to be able to help. Once the pandemic is over I want to volunteer for a charity that allows you to sit with someone who is dying, but is all alone in the world. Death doesn't scare me or worry me, but someone alone and scared does bother me. Having a nurse pop in and out of your room is not the same as someone willing to sit there and hold your hand, read to you, or just sit quietly. I always want to be useful in whatever way I can, and help as many people as I am able, even though I do not have extra funds to use for others. Not having much money doesn't mean you cannot help people, it just means you may have to get creative.

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