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#335 Spiny-knee Leaf Frog


This is one of those where I really feel like there is almost a mission involved in painting it. There has only ever been one seen. It was caught in 1898, killed, and dissected. Because the pictures of it are not mine, I won't share them. The specimen has bee described as faded and in poor condition. Still, if I had been dead for over 120 years, I would say being faded and in poor condition would probably be a serious compliment. It is true though. The specimen is almost completely a sort of sickly cream colour, and it is obviously on the verge of falling apart. The only description of the frog from when it was alive that I could find said it was pale blue above and red-yellow below. They did not describe the eyes, and I honestly do not know if anyone knows what their eyes look like. I looked at others in their genus to decide on the vertical pupils and I decided on a bronze eye, because it seemed right to me. This is one of those "my best guess" sort of paintings.

I dyed my hair again finally. My roots were really showing and driving me crazy. I got a second darker pink to go with my usual really bright pink dye. Not really a plum, though that is what it is called. I did my roots that and then the brighter pink for the rest, but then sort of blended it together. It will probably show more as it fades a little, but for now it is much darker than I am used to. I've had pink hair for a very long time, and it throws me to see myself in the mirror with a darker hair. I still need to cut my hair. Some time I would love to pay to have someone else cut my hair again. The last time I had someone else cut my hair I had to go home and fix it. It is so much less expensive to just cut my hair from the start and not worry about it. It isn't fancy, but I'm not a fancy person by any stretch of the word. If it looks straight I'm pretty much happy with it.

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