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#354 Butterfly Loach

Critically Endangered

This is not the only fish called a Butterfly Loach. This is the Sewellia breviventralis, the other one that is more common is the Beaufortia kweichowensis. Most of the information I could find was about keeping the more common one in an aquarium. I did find one site that is a pet aquarium place in Germany that had a post about these and how they were importing a lot of them that had been collected from Hue Province. Unfortunately, to me, that says wild caught fish. There are no conservation efforts in place for these fish. Habitat loss along with over-fishing (as by-catch and for pet trade I am assuming since they are only about 3 inches long) are their biggest threats.

We got a couple flats of strawberries today. I'm thinking I might freeze some of them, but these are Hoods, better for eating and jam, though I might make pie filling. If you aren't from Oregon, you may not know Hood strawberries. They have an incredibly short season in comparison to other strawberries. They are more delicate and the plants do not live as long as other strawberries either. They are one of the best tasting strawberries you can find, often described as "intensely sweet". The Shuksan is another strawberry common in the area. They are more sturdy so they can handle being frozen. Their flavour is not as much in your face strawberry flavour or so sweet as the Hoods are. If you ever come to Oregon during about 2 weeks in June, you will not be able to easily find Hoods, but if you can find a farm that does grow them make sure you get some. They really are very delicious berries. Now I don't think that strawberries are my favourite berry, but it is hard to pick one to be honest.

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