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#361 Gollum Galaxias

Critically Endangered

These little fish are endemic to southern New Zealand, and can also be found in a couple streams on Rakiura/Stewart Island. They can be greenish, brownish, and even a bit grey, and some supposedly look like they have a dusting of gold (none of the pictures look that way to me, but I like to think it just did not show well). Usually they are smaller than 3 inches long, but can occasionally get up to 5 inches and possibly even longer. They don't have scales! There had been a dam planned for the Otago River, but because of this fish the building of it was canceled. Even though the dam didn't happen, the fish are still greatly at risk. Trout have been introduced to many streams and rivers, and on one page they showed a trout caught and the 6 galaxias (a different species) they'd eaten. Along with those problems, there are threats from water extraction, land development, erosion, and more.

I am going to paint on Monday, but today I will try to get as much done ahead of time as I can. Researching and making my reference file today can cut down time needed to spend on it so I should be able to recover from having gotten up so early and driven for over 8 hours. The place we are going is farther away than the place we usually go, though we will go through the city we usually go to. Dutch Brothers white coffee can be a lifesaver for sure. They don't exist everywhere, and have a very different taste than most people would think of when they imagine coffee. It is more a nutty than typical coffee taste. If you don't like it, blonde roast coffee is good too. The thing I like about the white coffee is that it is very low acid, and has something like 7 times the caffeine of normal coffee. If you do get a chance to try white coffee, if you want it with syrup of some sort, things like salted caramel or hazelnut (filbert if you are an Oregonian) go really well with the already nutty taste.

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