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#67 Pyrenean Ibex


There have been animals thought to be extinct, and then found again so we realize they weren't actually extinct. This is the first species to be brought back from extinction. I don't know the term for that. Would it be that they were de-extincted, or made unextinct? Seriously though, they went extinct in 2000 when the last one died after a tree fell on her. They cloned them in 2003, and the species came back from extinction for the 7 minutes the baby survived. There were lung problems that killed the baby sadly, at which point the species went extinct again (re-extincted?). Poaching and disease, along with domestic livestock competition are thought to have been the cause for the initial extinction. They once numbered around 50,000, but by the 1990's there were about 100 left.

Genetics has always fascinated me. I'm not sure I'm excited by the idea of cloning things, but when it comes to heredity I am always amazed by it. Partly that is because my grandpa did a lot of work on our genealogy. He was an only child and it was a way for him to feel part of a larger group. Even just my immediate family though when I was growing up, it was interesting. My dad has straight black hair, my mom has straight blonde hair. I have very curly reddish hair, though it was blonde when I was little and not quite as curly. My grandpa had curly hair, think Danny Kaye, and I guess my great-grandma had red hair. Except for the fact that I look, unfortunately, just like my dad, you might wonder if I was adopted. He looked a lot like James Garner when he was younger, which is great if you are a guy, but doesn't work well on a girl. I have a mix of both my parents' health problems, artistic talent from my mom, stubbornness from my dad. My sister lucked out and looks a lot like my mom, but with brown hair, she also has my dad's love of arguing (she went into law).

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