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#76 White-chested White-eye

Critically Endangered

This week's theme will be white

These are endemic to Norfolk Island. They have not been seen officially since 1980, though it is possible one was seen in 2000 and one in 2005. None were found in a survey done in 2009. There may be a few left, but not many. There sadly does not seem to be much in the way of a recovery plan for them. Invasive rats and weeds are thought to be the reason for the population decline.

I've come to the realization that coming up with a different pose for an animal every day is difficult. I tend to prefer doing a side view for birds so you can see what their beak is like. These birds though, the white ring around their eyes made them look so expressive. I liked painting the front view because it seems so angry and disappointed with us for having not done enough to save them. Mostly, I will probably have variations of a profile painting with birds, but some of them do cry for another composition.

Today, I am almost caught up to my current painting. Today is also when my parts of Oregon started burning. There are 2 large fires east of me, and one smaller one a bit south and west of me about 4 miles away. A fire also started very near to my parents at the Oregon Coast. When I painted this bird, I did not know that fire would soon not just consume much of the state, but also much of my thoughts.

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