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#80 White-headed vulture

Critically Endangered

The last of the white themed paintings.

These are considered medium sized as vultures go, up to about a 7½ foot wingspan. They were considered vulnerable back in 2007 but are now listed as critically endangered. There has been a population decline of about 96% in 45 years, which is just 3 generations for them. They are a fairly long lived bird, and only get their full adult plumage by the time they are 6. These vultures live in several countries in central to southern Africa. They are not only scavengers but supplement their diet with prey they kill. Thankfully they are getting protection and are being monitored. To me they look as if they have a pink scarf and are wearing a fur coat with the collar flipped up 80's style. The photograph does not show the amount of blue on the beak well, but that is to be expected with a phone I suppose.

Today, as an American, you always think of the 9/11 attacks. I was sitting on the floor with my son who was not quite 4 months old, folding laundry and watching the news. It was kind of a weird and stressful day. To be remembering the loss of life, and at the same time feeling so incredibly grateful that my parents were safe with us but worrying that any one of the three fires near us might cause us to have to evacuate too was just a huge mix of emotions. I swear I have been running on caffeine and adrenaline for days now, I'm not sleeping well at all.

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