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#94 Kakapo

Critically Endangered

The Kakapo is also known as the owl parrot. They are nocturnal flightless parrots, endemic to New Zealand. Though they live on the ground, they can climb trees and use their small wings to help them kind of parachute rather than just drop when they want to get down. They have been described as being more like dogs than birds, and even wild ones are known to come up to people.

The most recent information I can find puts their population at 209 or 210. In 2019 they got up to 213, but unfortunately at least 9 did from aspergillosis, a respiratory infection caused by a fungus. What brought them so close to extinction though was more the cats, rats, stoats, and habitat loss.

Fridays right now are a fairly stressful day for me. My parents and my in-laws are older, and have health issues that make them more vulnerable to the virus. I do the shopping for them so they do not have to deal with the crowds and insanity that is the stores right now. It can take a long time to get through their lists as well as my family's list. Usually I do the painting first thing in the morning and while I always try to spend about 5 minutes max doing the initial sketch, I am able to spend more time with the rest of the painting. Friday paintings are not as relaxing to do because I've got more pressure to make sure I get them done before it gets too late. I think it is probably good for me though, get to where I am more painting on a schedule rather than just sort of taking all the time I want.

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