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Frank and Winnie

Warning, Sad Post

This is the other painting I did between posting the partially finished Cuban Macaw and now. Meet my sister's dog, Frank. Come to find out I painted him bigger than life-sized. My sister liked the painting but maybe I should have not gone quite as large. His eyes are really quite incredible. This is of him when he was younger.

Sadly I don't have a painting of one of our dogs, a beagle corgi mix. I need to paint her though I think. We just had to put her to sleep. She started panting and got a bit of a cough. then she threw up a couple times. We took her in to our lovely vet, and they were a little worried it might be her heart because she had a grade 4 out of 6 heart murmur. There was a chance it was just acid reflux though because she was toothless and her tongue was always hanging out of her mouth sometimes making swallowing a little more difficult. Since she wasn't eating a lot she was more likely to be dealing with an acid tummy. We took her home with some appetite increasing medication, anti-nausea medication, and an antacid. I had been so sure she would outlive our other 16 year old dog.

Even after the medications our vet gave her she still wasn't interested in eating. That night she was pacing around outside and then started to stagger. We rushed her to the ER and they put her in an oxygen tent, did x-rays, and discovered she had an enlarged heart. They put her on Lasix and some other heart medication. She was there 3 days. The second day she seemed to be getting better, but by the third day we had to go say goodbye. She was 16 and very loved for the whole time we had her (we got her after she had been abandoned in a kill shelter). We will miss her, she was my shadow everywhere in the house, would be near me while I painted, and was always the first to greet us when we came in the door. This is one of the last pictures we have of her. Her tongue was very stubborn and when she tried to give kisses you had to help her by putting your hand to the side of her face so she could get you. She was always there for us, our self appointed protector. We did all we could to try and save her, but her heart was too big. Now I am going to do a few paintings I will try to sell to pay for vet bills, but don't worry, I will not be turning this blog into something that is about money and not the animals.

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