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#104 Spix's Macaw

Critically Endangered

I'm starting another mini series. I am going to do a week of parrots.

This parrot is native to Brazil. Thy are listed as extinct in the wild. A couple sightings have happened since that classification, but they may well be escaped captive birds. The longest one has lived in captivity is 34 years. They have been studied so little that it is unknown how long they live in the wild. There are plans to release some back into the wild in 2021, though it seems there are questions about the organization that is heading the venture. There are apparently ties to illegal wildlife trading, unknown sources for their funding, etc. Hopefully they are truly working with the birds' best interests at heart. The birds are difficult to breed in captivity. It is also unknown exactly how many are living in captivity. It is likely there are around 180 total, with most in Germany and a small portion in Brazil. At least 120 initially were in Qatar at the Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation, until the owner died.

This is the parrot (one of?) from the movie Rio I guess. I haven't seen the movie. I rarely see movies. I'm seriously a wimp when it comes to violence, gore, or even hints at it. I get migraines when there is fighting and yelling. I can handle Hitchcock because it is less violence, more suspense, but I'm getting less able to handle stuff the older I get. My kids and my husband go to movies, I stay home and listen to podcasts or watch something as exciting as Perry Mason on the channel we have that plays all the old stuff. On my birthday I made the family watch "What's Up Doc?" which is one of my favourite movies. I love the older stuff, I don't like it if an animal dies, and I want a happy ending. Oh and interestingly, I'm totally fine with handling gore in real life. I've dissected 2 cadavers, no problems, I'm very good in an emergency, but that is because I know I can help. Movies, I can't do anything and it stresses me out!

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