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#12 Tuco-tuco of the Dunes


These are also known as the Flamarion's Tuco-tuco, but I absolutely love the other name. They are a small nearly white rodent that digs burrows and tunnels in sand dunes. Calling them Tuco-tuco of the Dunes sounds almost like a royal title and makes them sound extra fancy or regal to me. They live along the southern coast of Brazil, and at least one map showed them a little into Uruguay as well. Unfortunately, except for the few that live in one protected area, the rest are at risk due to habitat loss. Their coastal dunes are being turned into housing areas. It does not seem that there are any real conservation efforts in place for them either.

Well, I'm getting a taste of what life will be like when both my kids move out, and not exactly thrilled with it. They are house-sitting and cat-sitting for my sister-in-law while she and her dog are off camping. I know in my head they will be fine. My kids are mature, trustworthy, and responsible and will do great. Meanwhile, I'm an incredibly talented worrier and can come up with thousands of scenarios for how they won't be ok. Even though I know that the scenarios are irrational and I have no need to worry, worry is what I'm good at so that is what I do. I will be an absolute basket case when they do both finally move out. I want to be involved with the organization "No One Dies Alone", and sit with people who are dying but have no family available. It helps relieve the nurses for one thing, and keeps people from being alone at the end. I will probably be doing yet another art project as well. After the second full year of this, I have another project that I hope to do which will not be a daily art thing, but could be a many many year thing. I love doing art every day though, so I may do it just for myself if nothing else. Keeping myself busy is probably the best way to deal with having a quiet house like it will be when they are gone.

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