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#16 Knysna Seahorse


I decided I would like to do a week of fish. Next week I am thinking of maybe doing frogs or primates. There are so many more animals that are endangered than there are critically endangered or extinct animals that I am once again overwhelmed by how many animals I can choose from. While trying to decide what all I would do this week, I had a hard time narrowing it down to even 14 let alone the 7. These are the only endangered seahorse, so of course I had to paint them. Interestingly, they don't live in the sea but instead are in a few estuaries in South Africa. They are at great risk because of pollution and sedimentation (the influx of silt) putting at risk the grass their survival is linked to. Human activities and developments encroaching on their habitat are also putting the species at risk. They come in several colours, and can also change their colouring depending on their mood and need for camouflage. A couple things about all seahorses you may not know but I think is fascinating. Did you know they don't have teeth or stomachs? Because of that their food goes through them very quickly so they pretty much try to eat almost constantly. Also, I think it is really kind of cute, although they are fish so you'd think that a group of them would be called a school, it is actually called a herd! I love that.

My family really thinks I'm weird. I'm sitting here cold. It is 78 degrees and I'm wishing I had a big blanket here to snuggle in while painting instead of just my apron and some socks. I kind of want to get a space heater for the area I'm sitting in. I have a dog at my feet, but she takes offense if I try to use her as a foot warmer. Meanwhile, the rest of my family is wandering around in shorts. I get the weirdest looks when I say I'm cold and I'm told that no, it isn't cold, I'm broken. I think they are right, but that doesn't mean I'm not still cold!

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