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#17 Lipstick Goby


Day 2 of a week of fish

These are aptly named fish. They don't all seem to be very adept with putting lipstick on, and some seem to have forgotten it altogether. The pictures I looked at, I am honestly not even sure any of them were really this fish. This one is supposed to be the Sicyopus jonklaasi. Unfortunately I could not find any information on the difference between all the species that are called Lipstick Gobies. I did a close-up composition because it seemed as if their faces were all pretty similar. Some were more brown looking than others, but that could also be the lighting in the aquariums (I did not see any pictures of them in the wild that I know of). There are only 5 areas of Sri Lanka that they live for most of their life. They are small fish, not even 2 inches long. The babies are of course very very small and when they hatch they are washed out to sea by the fast flowing streams. They return eventually. Because they are still pretty small, they use a sucker of sorts to hold them onto rocks. They don't have the same sucker as say a lamprey or what you might think of as a sucker fish. It is instead on their ventral side, like where I imagine a ribcage would be.

I'm very glad that I know what I'm painting all week. I need to plan out next week as well. I'm going to do a week of something else too. It helps when I know ahead of time so I just sit down, look that animal up, and get going. This painting took me a little over an hour to paint once I figured out the composition on paper. I have a commission I need to work on, and the painting I will be selling, so I have to be doing a lot more art than just one painting a day. I had to take my son to get his hair cut. We take them to a barber that is a ways away from our house. I cut my own hair, and I used to cut their hair, but I really hate cutting hair. I don't like cutting my own, but I also don't really want to deal with someone else doing it. Because it is curly it seems like lots of people can't quite handle it. I have had to go home and fix what someone did, and the idea of paying a lot for me to have to re-do something is not at all appealing to me. I'm also more willing to spend money on my family than myself. I'm not even picky with my hair. I don't use a hair dryer, don't try to straighten it, don't try to curl it, I let it do what it wants. I do dye it pink because it is such a cheerful colour and makes me easier for my kids to spot in a crowd. I used to do purple and other colours too, but because of how much breast cancer runs in our family, I've stuck with pink for a long time. I'm not sure I'd recognize myself with my natural hair anymore!

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