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#20 Maya Hamlet


Fish Week #5

these are from one coastal lagoon in one barrier reef in Belize. They were discovered in1993. At that point there were apparently lots of them. then, in 2017 there were several studies done, and only 2 were found. Hamlets are one of the only vertebrates that are both male and female. Honestly, pretty much all the information I could find out there talked about the mating habits of them most likely because it is so unusual. There have been declines in the coral reef and likely being hunted by invasive fish, mainly the lionfish, are their biggest threats.

It was so wonderful today, we had beautiful almost overcast cloudy skies. The next few days it is supposed to be in the 70's is all. Sadly, though it looks like fall outside, there is no rain in the forecast. At the moment my weather app is even saying that the 28th we will be getting back up into the 90's. I'm very sad about that, but I am loving the clouds. I am desperately hoping that we will end up with a lot of rain soon. I'm worried that the ground will be so hard baked though that any rain we get won't be able to soak in and will cause some flooding. I miss the rain though. I remember back probably when I was in university there was a joke about Oregon and our rain. It said there was a woman who flew into Portland from California. It was raining when she got off the plane, it was raining when she got to the hotel, it was raining when she went out to eat, and it was raining whenever she looked outside. It kept raining the whole time she was there. She was so frustrated by it that when she went out of the hotel on her last day she saw a kid playing in a puddle. She asked him "does it ever stop raining here?!". He looked at her with surprise, and said "how am I supposed to know, I'm only 8 and it hasn't yet!". It isn't a terribly good joke, but it was what life used to be like in Oregon much of the time it seemed. Both times I went to the UK people apologized for the rain, but I felt completely at home with the weather. I want us to get back to where the sky is grey most of the time and people who visit wonder if we ever see the blue sky.

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