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#30 Rilawa or Toque Macaque


Primate Week Starts Today

The biggest threat to these is habitat loss. Much of Sri Lankan forests are gone now. Unfortunately along with that these face hunting and being captured for pet trade. They can live up to 35 years now. The colouring of these depends on their climate. Those from the drier areas have longer legs, longer tails, lighter fur, and have more of the short "my mom gave me a bowl cut" look. The babies do not become independent until they are about 2 years old, though they are weaned after 170 days. The majority of their diet is fruit. A bit like squirrels they have cheek pouches they can store food in.

I've narrowed the primates down to the 7 that I need for the week. It was tough and several of them I really look forward to doing after I do a bunch of other animals. With this painting, I tried to use a bigger brush for the majority of it. I really do want to get better at a looser sort of style with painting. The background will stay a gradient though. I still cannot bring myself to use a big brush for eyes even when I'm working with a big brush almost exclusively the rest of the time. The eyes are truly so important to me. I always paint them first, which I think is totally wrong in comparison to how anyone tells you to paint. I almost completely finish the eyes before I add much detail to the rest of the painting. Even when I do a sketch that is just to get composition done, I cannot leave the eyes empty. One of these days I may decide to take a painting class, it would be interesting to find out what all I'm doing wrong.

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